【About Love】

”If both male and female think they should be loved more than the other, they will end up fighting. I mean everyone mistakenly think that they deserve to be more loved than the other, because they are better than the other. “

Ahhhhhhhhh…..maybe I thought so every time I had a girlfriend. I thought I was better in more ways. and just because I didn’t cheat , I thought the other must have not cheat. If my ex-girlfriend unfortunately cheated, I may have gotten angry. BTW, to love a person forever without any condition is very difficult. But, It’s so beautiful.

【About Women】

”women who give up attracting male become women who hate someone accordingly.”

uuuuuum. I have seen those girls. they gave up attracting boys, and envy and hate cute girls. To make myself look good is important??? I think overdoing is also bad.

【About Job】

”Jobs are our spine, and we can’t live without spine. To do our jobs takes us far from evil. To do our jobs makes us forget something we have been overthinking about. Additionally jobs give us comfortable tiring and some money.”

yes, I agree. and I wanna ask you a question. A re there any jobs that you don’t do for other people? In other words, are there any jobs that you do for only yourself? If the answer is Yes, how can you get money?



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